Legislation in the 109th Congress

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H.R. 4618, the "Compliance, Examinations, and Inspections Restructuring Act of 2005," by Congressman Fossella (R-NY) (introduced December 17, 2005)

S. 1037, the "Mutual Fund Transparency Act of 2005," by Senator Akaka (D-HI) (introduced May 16, 2005)

H.R. 1500, the "Investment Tax Simplification Act of 2005," by Congressman Dreier (R-CA) (introduced April 6, 2005)

H.R. 809, which would make permanent the individual income tax rates for capital gains and dividends, by Congressman Cantor (R-VA) (introduced February 15, 2005)

H.R. 196, which would allow individuals to defer recognition of reinvested capital gains distributions from regulated investment companies, by Congressman Saxton (R-NJ) (introduced January 5, 2005)