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Vanguard founder John Bogle sponsors two websites containing his speeches, books, and other writings about mutual fund issues. The first website is operated by the Bogle Financial Markets Research Center and the second is Mr. Bogle's E-Blog. Both websites are rich with educational material on mutual funds and the general financial markets.


Bogle Financial Markets Research Center:


Bogle E-Blog:


CMFI has corresponded with Mr. Bogle on a number of mutual fund policy issues and he has been supportive of the Coalition's advocacy efforts.


Mutual Funds Bureau (

Former mutual fund executive Dan Calabria has written an excellent book to educate investors about excessive fees and other problems in the mutual fund industry. His book is very complimentary of CMFI's advocacy activities on behalf of individual fund investors.


Click on this link to order a copy of "Mutual Funds Today ... Who's Watching YOUR Money?"